Queen of Shadows (Throne of Glass #4)


By Sarah J Maas

Rating: ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ ☕️

Review: *Has spoilers* This series just keeps getting better and better. Queen of Shadows follows Aelin as she journeys back to Rifthold to get the third Wyrdkey from her former master Arobynn, but of course, this wouldn’t be a Sarah J Maas book if things went according to plan. Huge secrets come to light. Relationships fall together. Dorian falls apart. Plans go seriously wrong.

My favorite parts to read were, without a doubt, anytime Manon was present. I’m pretty sure she’s my all-time favorite book character ever, and I love SJM for making Manon the way that she is. There will definitely be a post in the future that details everything I love about her (which will probably happen after I read EoS and ToD). She is just so badass and I have such a female crush on this frighteningly beautiful witch. Im highkey hoping for her and Dorian to get together, though I’m not sure how that’d work out with Manon being immortal and Dorian being a human. But we all know SJM always has tricks up her sleeve.

I’m not sure how I feel about Aelin and Rowan together though, their relationship felt sort of rushed, and I feel like Aelin had a more believable relationship with Dorian, and even Chaol. And Rowan already had a mate, so how does a Fae love someone else/go into another relationship when the other person isn’t his mate? Or is Aelin a reincarnation of Lyria?? (I really hope that’s not the case because that’s so lame)

Reading about Dorian made my heart heavy, and I love Manon even more for what she did for him. And how she let Aelin know that the Valg prince hadn’t completely taken over his mind and body, thus saving Dorian again. And as much as I love SJM, I hate how she always makes us think that people died or are on the brink of death…and then tells us they made it out okay. Like, the emotional turmoil that I went through when I thought Aedion was dying *cries* But that being said, I’d rather her play with our emotions than actually kill off someone.

But anyways, I really hope that in EoS we see more of Manon and her Thirteen, and Manon with Elide, and I’m really curious as to how Aelin and Rowan will deal with their relationship if they’re not mates. Can Manon join Aelin and fight on the good side already?!

Favorite Quotes: “Stop feeling sorry for yourself. Stay the course, but also plot another one. Adapt.”

“You will make mistakes. You will make decisions, and sometimes you will regret those choices. Sometimes there won’t be a right choice, just the best of several bad options.” 

“It did not seem like a weakness to fight for those who could not defend themselves. Even if they weren’t true witches. Even if they meant nothing to her.” 

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