The Hating Game


By Sally Thorne

Rating: ☕️ ☕️ ☕️ (3.5)

Review: *Mild spoilers* This book was hilarious, and there were several moments when I was actually laughing out loud. I loved the banter between Lucy and Josh, and their comebacks were very funny. Being a quick fun read, I was able to finish this book in about a day, especially since the book grabs your attention from the beginning and you want to keep reading.

I was originally going to rate this book a solid 4 stars, but towards the end of the book Josh started getting really creepy and I was thoroughly freaked out. He legit admitted that he painted his room blue to match the eyes of Lucy, and he keeps track of the days she wears dresses or skirts in his planner. Ummm…was anyone else slightly freaked out that he admitted these so nonchalantly???

I was surprised that Lucy and Josh didn’t hate each other more, because from a title like The Hating Game, I had assumed that these two really despised each other, but it’s pretty obvious from the get go that they have feelings for each other, but are acting like little children and won’t admit it. The only thing I didn’t like about the book is how perfect Josh is; he’s unrealistically perfect, and seems to have no flaws.

“Everything about him is pleasurable. He drips with quality, luxury, everything so exactly right. Every part of him is engineered and maintained perfectly.” 

Lucy can’t imagine how such a gem of a guy is still single, and criticizes herself in comparison. But then again, this is a rom-com contemporary, you can’t really expect anything different. I appreciated how she wasn’t a complete moron though, she still seems to have confidence.

This is definitely a summer beach-read kind of book, and you’ll enjoy this if you’re looking for a lighthearted quick read.

Favorite Quotes: “You should try not giving a shit sometime. I tell you, it’s liberating.” (tbh this quote came at a perfect time. Thank you, Mr. Templeman.)

“Uncle Satan didn’t have any apartments available in my price range.” (Not going to lie, I really laughed at this!)

Shoutout to my pal N for catching my typos and preventing me from humiliating myself! ❤

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