Anna and the French Kiss


By Stephanie Perkins

Rating: 2.5 / 3

Review: I was really excited to read this book, but I was disappointed that it turned out to be the way it was. I will add though, that I understand why this book might have been really popular in the past. I believe that in reading books like these, you have to be a certain age to really enjoy it, and I think if I read this when I was a lot younger, I might have enjoyed it more.

That being said, I didn’t really like the book. The first 80% was meh, but last 20% was alright. There are a lot of things I’m confused about:

  • How does no one bat an eye at St. Clair basically cheating on Ellie? He even kissed Anna towards the end even though he and Ellie were still dating.
  • But moreover, how is Anna okay with all this?
  • Shouldn’t she be a little more concerned that the guy she likes is clearly incapable of being loyal?
  • Also, why is Rashmi’s and Ellie’s fight never resolved? Are we really supposed to believe that Ellie, who was Rashmi’s best friend, decided one day that she was too good for them? Did the author really give a female character absolutely no substance?? I would’ve even been fine if there was a little more background on Ellie.
  • And speaking of that, how does Anna decide she absolutely loathes Ellie when she knows literally nothing about her? Bruh she even fantasized about physically hurting Ellie. This girl is not normal.
  • Does Anna even have a strong friendship with anyone besides St. Clair? She spends all her time worrying about 3 men, and when she’s not doing that, she’s watching movies. Not to mention she basically cut off her friendship with her best friend over— you guessed it— a guy.
  • What went so wrong in Anna’s life for her to be so hyper-focused on a man’s attention to derive some sense of self-worth?

A lot— actually each and every fight and every misunderstanding— could have been solved or prevented if they just talked to each other. I’m getting really tired of YA authors throwing in ridiculous fights that carry no purpose other than just to throw in some teenage “angst”.

Was there even decent plot in this? All that Anna was concerned about was winning the affection of a guy, and even though she’s a self-proclaimed wanna-be film critic, we see her doing anything related to that for about 3% of the book.

The reason why I gave this the extra .5 star is because by the end of the book, I was getting a little interested and it wasn’t that boring anymore, but I don’t know if that’s because I was genuinely interested in the characters or if I was just getting acclimated to how shitty this book is.

Anyway, this was on my TBR list for a while, so I’m glad I got to finally read this, but I won’t be reading the other two books if this is how they all are.

Alienated (Alienated #1)


By Melissa Landers

Rating: 2 / 5

Summary: Two years ago, humans and aliens have finally made contact. Unlike the typical Hollywood depictions, these aliens from the planet L’eihr look remarkably like humans. In the first ever inter-galactic student exchange program, 3 aliens from L’eihr will travel to earth and live there with a host family for a year, while humans from earth will travel to L’eihr.

Cara Sweeny and her family are one of those chosen as a host family for Aelyx, one of the aliens. However, it’s quickly brought to attention that these aliens are interested in something other than just making human friends. Things don’t go to plan, and unforeseen obstacles— namely love— prevent the aliens from carrying out their plans.

Review: From the very first few pages of this book, I knew I wasn’t going to like it. However, I pushed through it in the end because a) I hate DNF-ing books, and b) I don’t read these kinds of books usually, and wanted to expand my horizons.

Cara is visibly disturbed that her parents have a healthy, loving relationship. Yes, you read that correctly— she frequently wishes that she had different parents, simply because her parents display a little more PDA than others. Here’s an actual quote:

“Why couldn’t she have normal parents that hated each other like everyone else?”

Ummm…okay….Moving on….

The plot in this book was really bad. Not only was it boring, there seemed to be little to no plot development at all. We see Aelyx doing shady stuff, which isn’t referenced again in detail until the end of the book, and Cara doesn’t know that he’s been trying to sabotage Earth just to make sure humans don’t come to L’eihr. Even though there’s currently humans on L’eihr because of the student exchange program….Moving on….

There’s a lot of slut-shaming in this book, and Cara is made out to be this innocent, pure little girl, while every other girl that she hates is a skank. Though her first meeting with Aelyx was quite, what’s the word, scandalous? The alien literally watches her change and doesn’t make his presence known until after she’s done changing. But hey, this is supposed to be swoon-worthy, right?

The author tries to add this really weird sexual tension in the book, but it comes off as awkward and unnatural. Aelyx literally has the personality of a limp grass blade, but of course, Cara falls hopelessly in love with him. And I can’t forget to mention that Cara actually leaves earth behind to follow Aelyx to L’eihr when his secret comes out (she still doesn’t know about what he’s been doing lmfao), even though she know very, very little about L’eihr. And her parents don’t even really object to that??? They went:

Parents: Cara no
Cara: Cara yes
Parents: lol ok use protection when you’re there

Also, 2 seconds after Cara pledges to leave earth behind and gets into the spaceship or whatever it’s called, Aelyx and Cara get into a fight— which could have been avoided if these two could open their mouths and communicate— and they both promptly decide to end the relationship, EVEN THOUGH CARA LEFT BEHIND EARTH TO TRAVEL TO L’EIHR TO BE WITH HIM.

Sigh. This book was crap. Don’t waste your precious time by reading it. There are four other books in this series, but it’s safe to say that I won’t be reading them.

Popular Books I haven’t Read Yet :(

You are going to freak out that I haven’t read some of these books. Let me preface this by saying that in high school, I put aside my love of reading for watching K-dramas (no regrets). Because of that, there’s a lot that I have to catch up on. I’ve done a good job, in my opinion, this past year of reading some of the popular books, but here’s a list of books I’ve yet to get to:

  • The Grisha Trilogy – Leigh Bardugo
    • Six of Crows duology – Leigh Bardugo
      Yes…I know I’m probably the only person who hasn’t read these books yet. I honestly don’t even have an excuse, I just haven’t found the time to sit down and read these books.
  • The Infernal Devices – Cassandra Clare
    • The Mortal Instruments – Cassandra Clare
    • The Dark Artifices – Cassandra Clare
      I tried reading City of Bones, and I gave up halfway because it was going so slowly. I think I had really high expectations for this book because it’s immensely popular, and I really want to be a part of this fandom, but since I expected a lot out of
  • A Darker Shade of Magic – V. E. Schwab
  • Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard
    This is on my TBR list, and I will hopefully get to this very soon!
  • The Illuminae Files – Aime Kaufman and Jay Kristoff
  • The Fault in Our Stars – John Green
    I don’t know if I’ll ever get to this, I saw the movie and didn’t like it at all.
  • Vampire Academy – Richelle Mead
    I tried reading this earlier this year but I couldn’t get into it. I will definitely try to read this again though!

I’m going to cut off the list here, because there are many, many other popular books that I haven’t read yet, and the list would be ridiculously long. Safe to say though, most everything on here is in my TBR list, and I’ll get around to them eventually!

Have you read everything on this list?

The Friends Book Tag

Hello my friends, and yes…I know it’s been a very long time since my last post, but the end of the summer semester came with two weeks full of exams, last-minute assignments, and presentations, and I was thoroughly exhausted by it all. I’ve spent a few days relaxing and have finally recovered, but since I’ve yet to read a book, I’ve resorted to publishing a book tag in hopes of reviving my blog. I’m a huge fan of the TV show Friends, and knew that I couldn’t pass up this tag.

So, without further ado, here’s my Friends Book Tag! Oh, and if you’re reading this, you’re tagged!

A character we wish would go away

America Singer from the Selection Series. The first book was good, she was tolerable, but the second book was where I was seeing red. How can one person be so clueless as to who she wants to marry and end up with, how can she string along two men the way she did, why is it that the we made no progress in terms of plot with the second book? I seriously did not like America at all, to the point where I didn’t even read The One because I couldn’t stand being inside her mind any longer. 😡

Most painful breakup

This one surprised me when I was reading it, but Josh and Cammie from The Gallagher Girls. I was sincerely sad that they didn’t work out, even though Cam does go on to find a better relationship…but the pangs of first love man, they’re rough.

Favorite kiss scene or book with a lot of kissing

Jesse and Suze from The Mediator Series. I was hardcore shipping these two (and Suze was shipping herself with Jesse too, c’mon) and when they finally kissed, I was so happy for these two dorks. The Mediator Series is a fantastic series, and I’m disappointed that it didn’t get the recognition that it deserved.

Favorite end-of-series book

Even though ACOWAR isn’t technically the end, it’s the end for Feyre and Rhy’s story, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with how it turned out (well…except for the death of the Suriel 😦 ). I’m glad that no major character died, that my baby Cassian is still alive and kickin’, and that Feysand are possibly going to have kids.

A moment in the book we wish could forget or never happened

The death of Sirius Black left me so heartbroken, mainly because he was one of my all-time favorite book characters. I sincerely adored him, and couldn’t believe that he had died— it felt like a joke. I really thought he’d come back by the end of the book, and I was crying with Harry at the end.

A book that didn’t affect us emotionally like it did other readers

This book didn’t captivate me the way that it did others. I could never get past chapter 5 or so, and even when I watched the movie, I didn’t really feel any emotion. I promise I’m not a robot, or heartless, but I just didn’t find myself bawling.

A book we won’t share

My Harry Potter series is precious to me, and I don’t let anyone touch them. Enough said.

The book you would give two thumbs to

This book is one of the best books I’ve read in 2017. It was amazing, and I loved every second of it. I wish this was longer, and Renee Ahdieh is queen.

A book pet peeve or a book that has a pet peeve

I absolutely hate when the main female character is totally reliant on the male character for everything (you know which books I’m talking about) and especially when it’s all because of a man that she’s “developed into a better/more confident woman”. 🙄 There are way too many books that I’ve unfortunately read which are like this, and I really wish authors would write strong female characters.

A favorite book with an LGBQT couple

I won’t be giving too much away since not many people have read it, but The Trials of Apollo is very cute. ❤

Ninth City Burning


By J. Patrick Black

Rating: 3 / 5

Review: I was excited to read this book because on the back of the book, it said that fans of the Hunger Games, Ender’s Game, and Red Rising would enjoy this book. I’m not sure how much Red Rising fans will like this book as I’ve yet to read that, but nonetheless, I think this would be an enjoyable read for most everyone.

I love the author’s writing style, and I’m surprised that things didn’t get confusing as this book is told from the perspective of several different people. The story flowed together very well, which is a testament to the author’s superb writing skills. For those of you worried that this book will not be interesting as the whole “ailen invades earth, human race is fighting for survival” is not a novel idea, Black does add several elements that make this story unique to him, so you do not have to worry about being bored.

I’m surprised that I liked this book, as I usually stay away from dystopian type of books, but I can make an exception for Ninth City Burning. I do think the introduction could use some work, and the concept of thelemity should have been introduced earlier in the book. There were also several moments when I wished that the author could stop trying to describe everything in such minute detail, and a lot of the excitement is lost in all the details thrown around.

In the end though, this was an enjoyable read, and I recommend it for anyone looking to dive into dystopian books!

Links:  More Info | Author Bio

I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review.

The Infinite Moment of Us (AKA the worst book I’ve read yet)


By Lauren Myracle

Rating: 1 / 5

Review: This is the worst book I’ve read in 2017, if not in my entire life. Settle down and grab something to eat because I got a lot to say about this “YA book”. I tried not swearing whist typing this but this book angers me too much. Please ignore any grammatical mistakes, but I need to vent.

Let me preface this by justifying why I picked this sorry excuse of a YA book in the first place. I was going through a YA contemporary phase, and picked this up because it seemed like a cute, lighthearted summer read. Little did I know how fucking awful this book was going to be.

Let’s introduce our problematic characters:

-senior in high school
-has no backbone whatsoever
-insecure as fuck
-probably has zero self-confidence
-is a people pleaser to the extreme
-the epitome of a helpless little girl in dire need of a man to rescue her, because apparently women need the help of men to solve all their emotional problems!
-also she’s horny as fuck
-got mad at her boyfriend because he didn’t appreciate the n00ds she sent
-literally gets jealous over the fact that her boyfriend loves his family
-even though she knows it’s the first time he’s had a proper, stable family life because he was in the foster care system before
-pressures her boyfriend to go to Guatemala with her
-because true love is when the other person sacrifices everything they want and desire, give up all their hopes, and follows their significant other to another country
-has no communication skills
-gets mad at boyfriend over things that could be solved if they sat down and had a 15 second conversation

This bitch is weird as fuck, look at the kind of shit she says:

Wren:     “Bodies are so funny, aren’t they?” 
Charlie:  “How so?”
Wren:     “Just…are they us? Are we them?”

Wren:     “I think souls are real. Maybe they’re not things you can measure or hold or feel-“
Charlie:  “You can feel them.”
Wren:     “What about trees?”
Wren:     “Do they have souls?”


And that’s just grazing the surface.

-also a senior in high school
-is a motherfucking pervert (I can’t even bring myself to post evidence because reading those parts had me mortified but just trust me)
-is also horny as fuck and thinks about boning Wren every three seconds
-you think I’m kidding about that
-but I’m not
-has no idea how to maintain proper, healthy relationships with people because *gaps* he had a tragic childhood blah blah blah no one cares
-slut shames women ( but has no qualms about checking out the asses of said women)….fuck you Charlie 😡
-honestly tho A+ for courage, who tf actually ask’s someone’s best friend on how to do them properly
-keep’s bringing up his ex, Starrla
-even though he’s supposedly over her…………..but ok
-ignores his best friend for his girlfriend

All breasts were not equal.
Y’all…that’s an actual quote from Charlie. Just…I have no words.

-Wren’s best friend
-another senior in high school
-fact: my eyes bled every time Tessa opened her mouth
-has a billion friends
-is banging men left and right
-engages in underage drinking
-allows her boyfriend P.G. Barbee (yes, I’m not shitting you, that’s his actual name) to drive her and Wren home even though he’d consumed alcoholic drinks as well
-your definition of a vapid little bitch
-insignificant tbh, only servers as a sex guru for Wren and Charlie, and is the provider of alcohol
-she could literally be deleted out of this book and there would be no difference

“Okay, I’m so done!” Tessa said, laughing as well. “Wow, I’m kind of an idiot, huh?”
It only took you 222 pages to figure that out, Tess.

Wren’s Parents
-John, and I forget the name of the mother
-the shittiest parents on earth
-no seriously, the worst parents ever to exist
-pressures Wren to go into the medical field
-Wren expressed interest in being a vet, but her fatass dad literally hid Wren’s book (the book she was reading that inspired her to become a vet) and then proceeded to lie about the fact that he hid/threw away the book
-10 / 10 parenting, right?
-throw a hissyfit like a bunch of little shits when Wren tells them she’s not going to Emory University in the fall

John, her father, literally has the analytical skills of a limp grass blade. Here’s when Wren’s trying to explain her decision to take a gap year:

“I guess it made me think about things. Like, one woman was a lawyer, but she gave up her job to go help people in developing countries have clean water. Another guy was in an accident and ended up in a coma, and when he came out of it, he could suddenly play the piano, and he became a concert pianist.”
“So your plan is to fall into a coma and wake up a musical prodigy,” her dad said. “Terrific.”


The Plot:

-virgin girl
-has crush on super buff but awkward guy
-but what do you know, super-buff-awkward-guy likes virgin girl back
-virgin girl and super-buff-awkward-guy engage in flirting
-both realize they like each other
-super-buff-awkward-guy immediately wants to bone virgin girl
-virgin girl gets into fight with parents
-goes on a rebellious streak for like 3 days
-super-buff-awkward-guy really wants to bone virgin girl
-virgin girl realizes she wants to bone super-buff-awkward-guy too
-the boning happens
-both get into a fight that could’ve been solved with a 15 second chat
-fight is resolved
-the boning continues
-super-buff-awkward-guy gets into a fight with his ex’s new boyfriend
-the fight lasts all of 2 seconds
-but of course our little wren pisses herself with worry and almost passes out
-even though everything turned out ok and literally nothing came out of the fight
-super-buff-awkward-guy decides to forego all his dreams and ambitions and follows virgin girl to Guatemala
-the story culminates in the reader having an aneurysm
-there you go, now you don’t have to read this shit. You’re welcome.

And finally, the author legitimately thinks that teens talk like this:

“The shop. Gotta finish this one order, though for safety’s sake I’d better take a short break.”
“Safety’s break? Me no understand.”

Also there’s subtle racism in this book. Thank the Lord I didn’t actually buy this book. Honestly, just skip over this book. Not only is there unnecessary explicit material, the plot is shit and the characters are shittier. Three year old kids can write stories better than this.

LOL ALSO, there’s a minor “mystery” where Wren gets hate messages from someone and she assumes its from Starrla, but it’s never actually confimed who the person actually was. Nice.

I usually have a ‘favorite quotes’ section in my reviews but this book was shit so that’s not happening today.

Links: Author’s Website | Author’s Twitter | My Goodreads Account

August TBR!


Thank goodness it’s going to start getting a tad bit cooler, though August also means it’s time to return to university 😦 I’m getting a measly one-week break where I’m going to try to catch up on my reading, and here are the books that I hope to get to in August!

  • Empire of Storms – Sarah J. Maas
  • I Believe in a Thing Called Love – Maurene Goo
  • The Infinite Moment of Us – Lauren Myracle

I’m also hoping to be able to get to To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before since it’s being made into a movie (and the actress for Lara Jean is actually Asian!) and I want to read the series before I watch the movie. But, I doubt that will actually happen this month; sigh.

I’m glad I get to cross off some books from my TBR list (which is over 200 books long, FYI)!

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